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Do You Want To Learn to Drive In Aldershot?

Do You Want To Learn to Drive In Aldershot?

Do you want to learn to drive in Aldershot? Indikate Driving are an extremely reliable driving instructor in Aldershot that provide great quality driving lessons for all types of learners with an experienced and qualified instructor. The experience that Indikate Driving’s very own Katie has is great for people who are either confident or nervous about driving. She is unfazed, calm, collective and most of all approachable.

Aldershot is a great place to learn to drive simply because there are a variety of road layouts to learn. With Katie you will be faced with a range road situations to deal with and Katie will be by your side to help you along every step of the way. Katie’s approach is always the same with any learner, to act like a friend rather than a teacher. Katie wants her students to be able to make mistakes to become a better driver. Many students feel scared about making mistakes and learn much less because of it. When some students make a mistake they don’t learn from it because instead of asking how to prevent it from happening again, they just quickly try to move on from the mistake without properly looking at the mistake.

With Indikate Driving you will be learning in a 2014 manual Renault Clio diesel 1.5; with power steering, air conditioning and dual controls.

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