Book Driving Lessons With The Leading Driving School In Fleet

Book Driving Lessons With The Leading Driving School In Fleet

Learning to drive is very important, especially when you wish to pass your driving test on the first attempt and drive safely after passing. Driving instructors are still all too focused on getting students through the test, but there has to be a wider focus on teaching how to drive safely and independently.

By learning with our very own driving instructor, Katie, you can learn everything you need to learn for the test and for driving as a whole. Book driving lessons with the leading driving school in Fleet today!

Katie is a qualified driving instructor who is very knowledgeable about the local areas of Fleet, Farnham, Aldershot and Farnborough, and has been driving these roads for years. She grew up in Farnborough and has been driving around Hampshire for a long time now. You will have a great advantage when learning with Katie, and she can then plan routes for you each lesson to test you suitably based on your ability.

You will overcome your fears of roundabouts, one way systems, A-roads, hill starts, parallel parking, reverse parking and gear changing. Katie boasts the ability to teach effortlessly and constructively to give you the highest quality lessons to pass and drive safe after passing.

Book your first lesson today by calling Katie on 01252 377 361 or 07850 035 880.