Driving Lessons Aldershot

Driving Lessons Aldershot

We at IndiKate driving understand that learning to drive is a stressful experience, especially when you’re first driving. But we know the roads and pace to go at, to make sure you’re comfortable, learning and ultimately having some fun with the roads. With IndiKate Driving, you’ll have your certificate in your hands in no time.

We have a specialist car fitted with dual controls, so even when you’re first setting offl, you’re totally safe. We use a 2013 manual Peugeot 208, perfect for when you’re getting to grips with it all.

Something we’re proud of at IndiKate is the fact that all of our lessons will be tailored to your comfort, if you’re feeling timid of the road, we’ll take it slow, if you’re proving to be confident and capable, we’ll up the pace. Nothing is set in stone, so there is no pressure for you to learn at any particular pace.

Get some extra experience with our pass plus classes!

If you’re looking for that extra experience with Pass Plus, we have a series of lessons ready to get you more than prepared for your next test. We’ll help you with a number of different driving styles, all-weather driving, Night Driving, Motorways and more. You’ll be ready to go in no time.

Why waste time sitting around, hop in by booking on our website or over the phone at 01252 377 361. We look forward to hearing from you!