Driving Lessons In Farnham

Driving Lessons In Farnham

When you’re in a location like Farnham, you’re not in a place that is large and thriving with many driving schools; as there are in the neighbouring towns of Aldershot and Guildford. But being so close to these locations, you can benefit from their wide selection of driving schools – many of which can travel to Farnham and teach. When you need driving lessons in Farnham, you can be confident in the lessons from Indikate Driving’s very own, Katie – a local who grew up in Farnborough.

Katie is an approved driving instructor who spent many years gaining her qualifications and expanded her experience in teaching. By teaching many local driving students in Farnham, Farnborough, Aldershot and Guildford, Katie is now accustomed to her teaching methods, which are always popular with her students. Katie’s approach is different from other driving instructors, she likes to use modern coaching methods, supported by her natural and bubbly personality.

Not only is her teaching methods a huge positive to learning with Katie, but her knowledge of all the local roads and routes is pivotal to her instructions – because she does know so much, she is able to plan her driving lessons with her students accurately, choosing various locations and roads to test their ability and expand their knowledge of driving and road laws.

You can see the effect Katie has on her students by reading her wonderful testimonials.

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