Driving Off Road Farnborough

Do you like the idea of learning to drive off-road before you have to think about traffic? Maybe you’re a bit nervous about learning to drive, or maybe you’re just really keen to start learning, and can’t wait until you’re seventeen. Whatever the reason, learning to drive off road lets you get a little bit ahead, and get used to being at the controls of a car before you have to worry about the rules of the road.

If you’re in Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Fleet or Camberley, take a look at IndiKate Driving Tuition, which has an off road driving centre. It’s run by Katie Gregory, who has been an Approved Driving Instructor since 2007, and now has the highest possible grade as a driving instructor. Lessons at their off-road centre cover the basics about the controls of the car, moving off and stopping, approaching junctions to turn left and right, how to manage T-junctions, including turning both left and right, and reversing. Off road lessons cost the same as Katie’s standard driving lessons, just £24 per hour. Getting a head start on driving in this way could really make sense!

For more information or to book your first lesson, please contact Katie on  katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or call 07850 035880.

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