Driving Off Road in Fleet

Do you fancy getting a head start on learning to drive before your seventeenth birthday? Or getting a handle on controlling a car before you venture into traffic? The best way is to learn to drive off-road before you start driving on the road. That way, you’ll be more confident about how to control a car before you have to concentrate on the traffic, rules of the road and so on. But where can you learn to drive off road? Well, Indikate Driving Tuition, run by Katie Gregory, which covers Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet and Camberley, has an off road site. It’s ideal for those under 17, or who feel nervous about starting on the road straight away.

The lessons that Katie provides at Indikate’s off road site include running through the controls of the car, moving off and stopping, approaching junctions, including T-junctions, to turn left or right, and reversing. Getting the hang of all these will give you a great start on driving, and much more confidence for your first time on the road. What’s more, lesson prices off road are the same as for on-road lessons: just £24 per hour.

For more information or to book your first lesson, please contact Katie on  katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or call 07850 035880.

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