Driving Off Road

For those budding drivers who do not want to wait until the age of 17 to learn to drive and gain a licence to drive on public highways and motorways, there is another exciting way to drive legally whilst have the ultimate in fun and learning how to control a vehicle.

Driving off road is a fantastic way for the under 17’s to learn the controls in a car, how they work, how to drive a car responsibly whilst doing so in a legal and safe environment.

Even if you are over the age of 17, if you cannot yet legally learn to drive on roads and highways, then you can take up Katie’s fantastic offer to learn to drive off road which is a completely different approach to learning to drive and can really prepare you for driving legally.

The prices are the same as learning to drive on the road. At £24 per hour you can choose off road as the most unique way to learn to drive before you do take to the roads. You will learn to approach T-junctions, reverse parking, emerging from junctions, starting, stopping and emergency stops.

There is so much to learn when driving, why not do it in style and take learning to drive just one little mile at a time. Contact Kate if you are interested in driving off road or if you are interested in learning to drive in the traditional manner in and around the following areas:

– Farnborough
– Aldershot
– Farnham
– Fleet
– Camberley

Call Katie today on 07850 035 880 for driving lessons with a difference.