Driving School Camberley

Driving School Camberley

Looking for a friendly and experienced driving school in Camberley?

Do you want to make 2020 the year you pass your driving test? Are you tired of having to rely on other people or public transport to get you to work? Maybe you’re looking to step behind the wheel for the very first time and you’re looking for a kind and patient driving instructor? If so, look no further than me.

Here at Indikate Driving, I realise that you may feel nervous when it comes to taking your first lesson with me as learning to drive will be a new experience. However, by coming with me, I will make sure you feel confident behind the wheel, so you have the best possible learning experience.

Together, we will start off slow on quiet roads to help you get to grips with controlling the car and understanding the roads. It won’t take long for you to pick it up and over the next few lessons we will get you on busier roads and starting to learn key manoeuvres you will need to know.

We will work together on every element of driving to ensure you are well versed and skilled in each area, so you are ready and prepared for your driving test.

To speak to me today about booking some lessons, call me on 07850 035 880.