Driving School in Fleet

When it comes down to searching for a driving instructor in Fleet, it can be difficult to know who the most notable and trustworthy driving instructors are in your local area. However you can be sure that with Indikate Driving, you have found yourself the best driving school in not only Fleet, but also Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham and Camberley. Indikate Driving’s Katie is well known across Hampshire and Surrey because of her relaxed and friendly approach. She can teach any sort of driver, from the very anxious and nervous to the confident or well-practised learner driver. It doesn’t matter what ability you’re at, because her approach is always the same. Katie has found that when she take a relaxing approach, her students gain more from each lesson. There won’t be that teacher student barrier, it will be more like a friendship and a friend teaching you to drive. If your instructor is strict, you often don’t learn as much, and that’s because when you make a mistake, you don’t learn from it. During any learning process it’s vital to learn from your mistakes and that is what Katie allows you to do.
Katie’s lessons are available to anybody, even if you’re under the age of 17. Indikate’s Driving under 17 course allows you to go through the basics of driving. This includes Moving off, Stopping, Approaching junctions to turn left and right, Emerging at T junctions to turn left and right and Reversing.

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