Female Driving Instructors

You’ve almost certainly heard something disparaging said about women drivers at some stage in your life. Most of us have, whether or not it was justified. But female driving instructors? There aren’t any jokes about them. And there’s almost certainly a reason for that! Could it be that actually, most female driving instructors are pretty good?

One of those who certainly is pretty good is Katie Gregory of IndiKate Driving School, based in and around Farnborough, and covering all of Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Fleet and Camberley. Katie has been a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor since 2007, and a Grade 6 instructor, the top level, since 2011. This means that her skills and instructing techniques are likely to be absolutely up to date. She has the advantage that she was brought up in the local area, so knows the roads really well, and can give her pupils a wide variety of different driving experiences.  She’s also very good at getting her pupils to relax, helping them to learn better. Certainly, her pupils’ pass rate, and very good first time pass ratio, suggest that she’s a very good driving instructor!

For more information or to book lessons with IndiKate Driving School, please contact Katie on  katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or call 07850 035880.


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