Grade 6 DSA Approved Instructor

Do you know what the top level of driving instructor is, approved by the Driving Standards Agency? It’s Grade 6, and there aren’t all that many driving instructors who achieve it. They have to be really good instructors, and keep up their own learning, to ensure that they’re using the most up to date techniques to teach their pupils, as well as keeping abreast of changes in driving practice. Well, if you’re in the Farnborough area, including Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Fleet and Camberley, that’s good news, because you’re in the area covered by IndiKate Driving School. Katie Gregory, who runs the school, has been a Grade 6 driving instructor since 2011.

Katie was brought up in the Farnborough area, which means that she knows it well. She can therefore take her pupils on a wide variety of different types of road, and give them plenty of different driving experiences. She even has access to an off-road centre, ideal for those under 17, or very nervous new drivers who want to get some experience in off-road before they start driving in real traffic.

For more information or to book lessons with a Grade 6 DSA Approved Instructor, please contact Katie on  katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or call 07850 035880.