Leading Driving Instructor in Farnborough

So you’re looking for the leading driving instructor in Farnborough? Well, certainly one of the best is Katie Gregory at IndiKate Driving, who covers all of Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham, Fleet and Camberley. Katie is an Approved Driving Instructor, and has been since 2007, holding the highest grade since 2011. But it’s not just the Driving Standards Agency who rate her: her former pupils are prepared to testify to the efficacy of her approach, and she has the results to prove it, with an excellent pass rate, and a very good first time pass ratio.

Modestly, Katie puts much of her success down to her efforts to ensure that her customers are relaxed, as she thinks that helps people learn better. However, she also notes that she was born and brought up in the Farnborough area, and therefore knows the roads very well. This means that she can make sure that her pupils get to experience a wide range of road types before they take their driving tests. She also has an off-road facility available, which is particularly good for customers under 17, or who are very nervous of starting straight on the road.

For more information or to book your first lesson, please contact Katie on katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or call 07850 035880.

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