Pass Plus Course In Farnham

Did you know that by taking the Pass Plus course, you can save on your insurance as well as gain vital confidence when driving in tricky situation like at night or on adverse weather conditions? With our Pass Plus course in Farnham, just by taking a few extra hours driving lessons, you could be saving yourself money.

The course is priced at £170 for 6 additional hours of one to one expert driving lessons, plus there is no test at the end, so no need to undergo that stressful experience now that you are a qualified driver. During the Pass Plus course in Farnham you will cover everything from town and rural area driving (i.e. how to negotiate tight country lanes and the odd sheep,) dual carriageways and motorways as well as all weather driving and night driving. All skills which are vital in becoming a safe and effective driver.

So if you are considering taking a Pass Plus course in Farnham, then look no further than us here at IndiKate. You can contact us with any queries you may have on katie@indikatedriving.co.uk or via the online enquiry form.